Refund Policy

We have a 30-day, no questions asked, refund policy. In this policy we explain how to use this policy for your order(s) if you want to get a refund at SpamLytics.

Limitation of 30-days

We can do a full refund of your order within 30 days after you’ve placed your order at SpamLytics. On day 30 we still give you a refund of your order when you request it.

Get a refund

If you’d like to get a refund of your order, you can sent us a support ticket. Please add the email address and order number in your email. We need to verify your purchase date and that you’re the owner of that specific order.

Refund payment

After we’ve received your support ticket to ask a refund, we will review that within 2 business days. After your refund is accepted, we will refund your payment within 3 business days.
After a refund is processed, we will disable the domains that belong to that specific order.