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Google Analytics Tips for Everyone

In this guide I’ll give you a lot of Google Analytics tips. These (some untapped) tips can help you improving your workflow in Google Analytics and you should be a real pro in no time. Using the correct Analytics for your site could be really helpful. You can detect some market changes when a page […]

Spam blocker for WordPress

No one likes spam, so I’ve developed a free spam blocker for WordPress. It’s called ‘Spam prevention by SpamLytics’. This plugin blocks a lot of common spam on your website, like comment and referral spam. Free spam blocker for WordPress The plugin is available for free in the WordPress repository and uses up to date information […]

Google Analytics Email Tracking Guide

You’re probably using a newsletter to attract more people to your site or product, so you should use Google Analytics email tracking to understand which newsletter was the best in a given period. In this blogpost I will give you some tips to track the various traffic sources correctly according to email marketing. Track an […]

Cross-Domain Tracking Universal Analytics

With cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics you can track one client on multiple domains, or subdomains, with one session. This will be helpful to determine where your client is coming from, and what the best traffic sources are to convert them. What is the default setting for this? When a user visits your website, Google […]

Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking Basics

If you sell products or services on your website, you can track them with Google Analytics e-commerce tracking. This allows you to check the amount of orders and the value in Google Analytics. The most website owners don’t use this feature, and you should use it! What is Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking With e-commerce tracking you can […]

Google Analytics Event Tracking Explained

Google Analytics event tracking you’re able to track exactly what visitors are doing on a page. Did they click on an outbound link? Did they just clicked that pop-up away? With events you can track them better! With basic tracking in Google Analytics you’re just able to see the amount of pageviews on your site. […]

Google Analytics Segment, What is it?

A Google Analytics segment is probably something you’ve seen or heard before. With a segment you can filter historic data in Google Analytics. The main difference with a filter and a segment is, that you can use a segment temporarily. With a segment you can filter data very specifically. If you use a filter, you […]

Create a filter in Google Analytics

By default, after you’ve installed Google Analytics on your site, it doesn’t block your own IP address. By using a filter in google analytics you can filter your own visits in the property. A filter could be created very easily and I’ll give you some tips about it in this blogpost. What is a filter? […]

Referral Spam in Google Analytics

The last year there is something new, called referral spam in Google Analytics. A lot of people see strange referrals in their stats, also known as “Ghost referrals”. With this list you can verify if you have webspam in your property. What is a Ghost Referral? Referral spam aka as a Ghost Referral is spam in […]

Install the Google Analytics Tracking Code

Using the free Google Analytics service by Google is a must when you own one or more websites, but how do you Install the Google Analytics Tracking Code on your website? I’ll try to help you with this post. The Tracking Code, What is it? The Google Analytics tracking code is used to measure the visitors […]